*note: this game is an early work in progress being updated incrementally. 

*tip: stick to the shadows.


SPACE - Select/Advance Text


F - Toggle fullscreen

You emerge from an underground bunker into a dystopian hell-scape.  

Around every corner are deformed, deadly mutants with vaguely human features. You hug  shadows and cover in order to avoid being sighted by the horror as you seek answers, safety, and hopefully a way out.

Will discovery yield answers or madness?

Will escape reveal safety or greater dangers?

Will you take a step into the horrific light or cower in the shadows?


-updated enemy sprites to give a better expression of their direction and danger.

-changed the attack ranges for enemies slightly

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorPale Hand Horror
Made withConstruct
Tags1-bit, Pixel Art, Stealth


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"Credits" and "Controls" in the main menu seem to not be working for me, but i loved the experience. Although i have to admit i didn't have the patience. When i almost done with a section the game throws me an old man to do a section that was already near impossible with faster characters.

So when i got to 6 people left i gave up and let them all die, expecting a game over screen and i didn't even get that lmao.

If that was your objective, then nice job, but yeah, as much as i love stealth games, the reason i do is because i can infinitely retry them



I liked this prototype: action puzzle, dark sci-fi, sudden deaths that lets shocked, retro graphic. I have appreciated so much the "unreachable" mirrors, but the cherry on the cake was the "sacrifice" (very shocking).

I liked it a lot and looking forward to see some progress on it!

This game was weird. It was fun, but it is hard to point out what in particular was fun about it. Perhaps it is the attention to detail, despite the minimalist character of production altogether. The way various protagonists move, is one example. The platforming aspect was surprisingly fluent and precise.

The atmosphere of the game had very dystopian feel to it and it made me ask the question, what is with the protagonist in particular, that it avoids the stare of the other? Then I realized, maybe it is about the social appeal, the way people look at one another and apply stereotypes. It is a game about stigmatization, triggered by appearances.

Another theory, is that the protagonist is some kind of wild scientific experiment on escape, an alien himself, projecting own unlikeness onto the others, marking them as aliens instead. This way, there could be something about quantum physics to the deal, making the protagonist have special quality, as long as others do not see it. Once they see it, it is gone. Therefore, the game could thus be called: "Quantum Collapse" and refer to the phenomenon of quantum superposition.

I doubt ill ever get far in this game but its fun. Every death scared me but i suppose that's the point. Good game. 

Not a fan of horror games, but this is very fun.


Stealth is as good as Solid Snake. Except there's no boxes to hide in.


What does the "sacrifice" dialogue mean I'm scared


The only stealth game I can beat using actual stealth. loved it

Yo, i made a video of your game :) Sadly I did not get to the end, but surprisingly, almost every death scared me, so I hope you like those parts! I may continue this in another video, but for now, I hope you enjoy watching, it means a lot <3

This looks like a play date game

It's good for a few laughs...maybe tears lol. Thanks for playing.

Haha, I didn't play long enough to arrive at tears. The death loop variation through the different characters didn't grab me well enough to try more than 3 times.

If you have any permanent progress in there beyond simple checkpoints (I didn't reach any) and put some of it to the very beginning it still might be a very very good fit for the play date handheld.

Like pushing objects to create cover for the next person or open up shortcuts.


Now THAT is a good idea! Thank you again for commenting and playing.

Very creepy but enjoyable. If you want to expand on this, I'd love to see what you come up with!


I'm in the process of creating new enemy types and trying out new things. 


Also, the dog is great BUT what about a cat too??

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I'll add cats, but you may not like their behavior lol. They aren't the type to play by the rules. Thanks for playing.

I liked it, although I was a bit frustrated when those crevice-eyes seemed to break the rules. perhaps make the danger zones a little more clear?

Agreeing on this, it seemed like I was getting hit by the wall-eyes even while they were shut sometimes. It happened when I would step into the light right after they closed completely.

Otherwise, excellent game so far!!!


I may implement some ways to compensate for the enemies being so unforgiving. Thanks for playing.